Autonomy Kick-off group


There has been much discussion on the need for greater Index Coop autonomy - and the need for better communication between key stakeholder groups. The community has agreed this could be enabled by standing up a cross-functional team made up of key stakeholders.

This group would support Index Coop mature towards a position of greater autonomy and preempt and address pain points in this transition process. The group would also identify and drive forward organizational/structural initiatives to help Index Coop and key partners to collaborate, coordinate and communicate more seamlessly going forward.

Initially, a major part of this effort could centre around an Autonomy Roadmap to be jointly created by all stakeholders (i.e. Index Coop contributors, Set Labs, DeFi Pulse, and other stakeholders).


This voting will be to nominate members of Index Coop who will form part of this group. This will be broken down as follows:

- 1 x Core Team (DFC, Verto, Lemonade Alpha, Big Sky)

- 2 x Community Members

Voting system

Voting will be completed using Single Transferable Vote to promote more representative, equitable and fair results.

Voter login

Please login using your unique identifier code found here.

More details of the discussion on this topic can be found on this forum thread


The Election has now closed.

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