Trans and Non-Binary Officer and Science and Technology Faculty Elections

IMPORTANT: Please Read

In each of the elections, you will be invited to rank the available candidates in your personal order of preference. 1 is your first choice, 2 is second choice etc. You can return to this site and edit your vote anytime until voting closes.

Please be aware that you should only vote for the roles of the communities that you belong to.

For example, only black students should vote for the Black Students Officer, and only students studying within the Faculty of media and communication should vote for the Media and Communications Officer.

By voting in the election you are self-defining as belonging to the community that the post represents. 


Faculty Elections

The individual who gets the highest number of votes in each Faculty election will be elected to the role of Faculty Officer, the 2nd and 3rd place individuals will be elected to Faculty Rep positions.



The Election has now closed.

This election has now closed.
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